S. Sh. Aytov


Purpose. The problem of this paper is to study the mutual influences of smart philosophies and methodologies of social sciences and humanities. The purpose of this article is to study the cognitive dialogue of philosophical ideas of Eastern Europe thinkers in the first half of the nineteenth century and the theoretical approaches of historical anthropology. The methodology of this work includes such intellectual approach as systematic and structural, interdisciplinary, source of study and comparative methods. Scientific novelty. Scientific novelty of the article is to analyse the cognitive interferences of different directions of philosophical searches and representative power of historical knowledge, historical anthropology. The reconstruction and study of cognitive dialogue of this area of historical science with the concepts of philosophy and the history of science, the philosophical basis of ethnic psychology, theories of the philosophy of culture were implemented. Conclusion. The cognitive dialogue of Eastern European philosophical research of the first half of the XX century and methodological approach of historical anthropology was materialized in the intellectual scheme, which includes a number of elements. These include: details, the creation of mental conditions for implementing this dialogue, detailing the program of dialogue, the creation of deployed interdisciplinary dialogue system of philosophical concepts and theoretical methods of historical anthropology.


philosophy; VI Vernadsky; GG Shpet; MM Bakhtin; cognitive dialogue; historical anthropology


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