Anatoly T. Tshedrin


The relevance of the study. In the context of religious and philosophical movements of the «New Age» gained channeling phenomenon – «laying channel», «transmission channel» information from the consciousness that is not in human form, to the individual and humanity as a whole. In the socio-cultural environment of the postmodern channeling reflects the problem of finding extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI; «ETC-problem»; SETІ problem) and to establish contacts with them, this problem has a different projection, important philosophical and anthropological measurements in culture. Investigation of mechanisms of constructing virtual superhuman personalities in the world web is not only of interest for further analysis of the problem of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI), but also to extend subject field of anthropology of the Internet as an important area of philosophical and anthropological studies. The purpose of the study. Analysis of the phenomenon of channeling as a projection of the fundamental problems of life ETI, its representation on the World Wide Web, the impact on the archaism of postmodern culture posing problems meta an-thropological dimensions of existence in the universe of reason and contact with him in the doctrinal grounds channeling. Analysis of research on the problem and its empirical base. Clustered nature of the problem of ETI and channeling its element involves the widespread use of radio astronomy paradigm works carriers solve CETI; work in anthropology Internet; works of researchers of the phenomenon of «New Age». Empirical basis of the study are network resources, as well as texts–representatives created and introduced into circulation by the channelers, their predecessors. Research Methodology. Channeling as an object of research, its network of representation – as a matter of methods involve the use of analytical hermeneutics and archaeographic commenting text fractal logic cluster analysis. The main body. The features of channeling as cultural practices aimed at solving the problem of finding meta an-thropological dimensions of existence in the universe of the mind, as an attempt to resolve the contradiction between the theoretical ideas about extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of empirically observable, the expected signs of their activities. The analysis of the solutions to the problems being ETI loci, its substrate base forms of activity in the Earth's socio-cultural space that offers channeling. Considered as a complete retrospective of channeling cultural practices that emerged in the western segment of the socio-cultural environment, especially its being presented in the form of postmodern religion, emphasized the role of channeling as an indicator cosmization archaism and modern culture. Scientific novelty. Channeling is one of the sociocultural system reactions on Earth absence of bilateral contacts with the ETC. Studying the mechanisms of constructing virtual superhuman personalities in the global network is one of the directions of further development of subject- thematic field of anthropology of the Internet as an important area of philosophical and anthropological studies. Conclusions. Channeling as a holistic, complex structure phenomenon connects the dynamics of transformation of humanity with establishing contacts with polymorphic ETI. Channeling is one of the sociocultural system reactions on Earth absence of bilateral contacts with the ETC. In the development of channeling manifest fractal effects associated with the reproduction of their previous ideas about the history of ETI. Retrospection channeling as cultural practices show his obedience to the law of the cultural series: a temporary phenomenon in the long-range specific chronotope culture is defined by its inclusion in the actually exist-ing set of genetically related forms.


channeling; extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI); «Fermi paradox»; extraterrestrials civilization (ETC); SETІ problem; the World Wide Web; socio-cultural cluster; socio-cultural space; cultural practices; anthropology In-ternet; «New Age»;


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