human, reason for existence, being, cognition, global problems, transcendental


Purpose. The purpose of the article is the analysis of the reasons and grounds of the crisis in the sphere of meaning-making, as well as searching answers to the questions about the meaning of human life in the contemporary world, which are maximally relevant in connection with the escalation of global problems, revealing the points of convergence between various theoretical positions, evaluation of their heuristic potential. Theoretical basis of the research is the historical-philosophical, comparative and system approaches, as well as the analysis of philosophical insights in the field of global studies. Originality. Originality lies in the fact that this article is the first attempt to conduct comprehensive analysis in the problem of the sense of the Existence as it is presented in the first quarter of the 21st century and to relate it with the modern social situation that is characterized by a complex range of interconnected and interdependent anthropological problems of our time. Authors emphasize that the main reason in the crisis of meaning is that a man has lost touch with his roots, which is wildlife. He has created an artificial structure, civilization to satisfy his needs and finds no way to the transcendental, which is the true House of his being. Conclusions. A human must refuse from false self-conceit concerning his potential omniscience and omnipotence, cease dictating his own rules to the Existence, determine the boundaries of his freedom and try to clearly realize his place in the objective structure of being. The global situation can change for the better only if a dramatic change in the area of meaning-making happens. The decisive force, which may encourage nudging to the positive changes, can be either the free will of people who have realized the criticality of the situation or external natural and social circumstances that will make people reorganize radically. The proper prioritizing, a deep awareness of universal goals and solidarity between people could be the value basis that will become the foundation to find the meaning and create a more favorable future.

Author Biographies

V. M. Petrushov, Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport

Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport (Kharkiv, Ukraine), e-mail

V. M. Shapoval, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs (Kharkiv, Ukraine), e-mail


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Petrushov, V. M., & Shapoval, V. M. (2020). THE PROBLEM OF SEARCHING THE MEANING OF HUMAN EXISTENCE: CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT. Anthropological Measurements of Philosophical Research, (17), 55–64.