Svetlana A. Yurikova


Purpose. Outline the range of problems which are illustrative of modern industrial civilization, reflect its controversial nature and humanity prospects in its conditions. Rapid development of scientific and technical progress gradually, from the late of 60s onwards of XX century become lead to problems realization which scientific and technical progress is generates, lead to understanding that without serious and careful monitoring of its development and necessary philosophical analysis of these problems, there is a danger of "post-human" world formation in future. Methodology. Author uses systemic and analytical research methods. Scientific novelty. Multifaceted approach to designation and analysis of problems was carried out, which faced by modern humanity in conditions of industrial civilization. Practical importance of this work is primarily in that it focuses on the need of speedy, serious and circumspect attention to those problems in future in order to avoid dangers that they hold for humanity. Besides, material which is presented in this article could be used in teaching of social and humanitarian courses. Conclusions. The findings can be summarized in following conceptual issues: scientific and technical progress is a major factor in development of modern industrial civilization. It is generated a large range of problem that requires an understanding of necessity for tight control of technology development. Spontaneous, non-circumspect it further development and use could gradually lead to "posthuman world”. Danger of such scenario must generate the need of more attention, discussion and analysis of already existing problems and take measures that will ensure the survival of humanity in conditions of modern industrial civilization.


engineering; science; progress; man; mankind; technological civilization


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